About Vasburg

Vasburg is a freelance concept artist with over 5 years of experience
working in the entertainment industry. Projects ranging from games, film,
publishing and commercials.

About The Design

Coming from a background in graphic design I stand by the idea that design
isn’t a question of taste. Every image can be objectively dissected by applying
color theory and design principles and is, in essence, communication.
A stop sign for example uses a bright red, as it is an alarming color,
capitalized letters to be easily read from a distance and a unique, octagonal
shape, so that it can be recognized even when covered in snow.

My work follows the same approach; which is why my goal is to find the best
solution to provide you with a design you might not want, but truly need.

Most importantly, I’m not the star. No matter if in a small indie environment,
in collaboration with the critique of an art director or in a big, fast paced
studio environment; what is important is to create efficient concepts to keep
the production pipeline open for the 3D artists, illustrators or other design


Wild Sky, Blackwatch Entertainment LLC.

Shadowrun: Data Trails, Catalyst Game Labs

Shadowrun: Lockdown, Catalyst Game Labs

Tears of Avia, CooCooSqueaky

Hover Cubes: Arena, Gametology

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames, Allied Games Inc.

The Telerian Chronicles, Teleria Studios


Leading Artist, digitalartists.eu