About Vasburg

Vasburg is a freelance concept artist with over 9 years of experience
working in the entertainment industry. Projects ranging from games, film,
publishing and commercials.

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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet

Amazon Game Studios, Crucible

Overwatch League Promos, NYXL

Dr Disrespect x Mtn Dew Gamefuel Promos, NYSL

Asprey, Visual Development

Dungeons of Drakkenheim, Ghostfire Gaming

Deutsches Museum Nuremberg, Zukunftsmuseum / VR Simulation

Iron Crown Enterprises, Unannounced Project

Traveller RPG - Behind the Claw, Mongoose Publishing

Traveller RPG - The Great Rift, Mongoose Publishing

Traveller RPG - Pirates of Drinax, Mongoose Publishing

Traveller RPG - Fall of Tinath, Mongoose Publishing

Nexus Exit, Escape Room Interior Design

Ludopium, Unannounced Project

MMORPG.com, Promotional Illustration

Shadowrun: Data Trails, Catalyst Game Labs

Shadowrun: Lockdown, Catalyst Game Labs

Ambal Tournament, Salt Ring Games

Tears of Avia, CooCooSqueaky

BING BANG BOOM, Unannounced Project

Wild Sky, Blackwatch Entertainment LLC.

Hover Cubes: Arena, Gametology

Shadow Heroes: Vengeance In Flames, Allied Games Inc.

Paul Blanco, Album Art

Stistrup, Album Art

The Telerian Chronicles, Teleria Studios

Map Design, awesomeThree


Featured Award, CGSociety.org

Leading Artist, digitalartists.eu

Published / Exhibits

ImagineFX #160